IMAPNotes Privacy Policy

The IMAPNotes app does not collect any personal data from users, nor does it transmit any data to any 3rd party.  All data generated or transacted by the app remains on the user device and the IMAP server(s) on which the user stores their notes data.  The only data that is generated and/or collected that may be considered an exception is crash logs, which are generated in the event of an app crash.  That information is sent to Google via the Firebase platform, and is then received by Digital Paradise.  The data is used solely to diagnose and repair bugs in the app, and contains no information that can be used to personally identify users.

The IMAPNotes website may collect your name and email address for the purposes of creating an account for you with which to submit support requests.  The site fully complies the GDPR, and can provide you with an export of all your data, or delete your data if requested.

For additional information, please contact